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Since old times housewife in Russia having met guests, first of all puts a samovar, donuts, jam and, of course, barrel with honey on the table. This tradition has been modernized and has reached  our days, so the product of such a plan for honey storage (as well as other liquid and dry products, such as jam, sugar, cereals, etc.) is very useful in modern life.

Honey in a barrel made according to traditional Khokhloma technology for a long time retains healing properties that are so beneficial for your health. It does not lose taste and flavor. At optimum temperature conditions, any bulk products can be stored in it for a long time. Due to a well-lapped lid, they will not absorb foreign odors.

The barrel is ecological, carved by hand from linden. For all products authors use unique type of painting. Our articles will delight you with its appearance, perfectly fit into your interior for a long time.
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