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Chopping boards

A cutting board is the simplest kitchen appliance, a must-have for every hostess. It is impossible to imagine the preparation of any dish without the use of a cutting board. The exact date of occurrence of the cutting board is not known.  In ancient times, boulders were used as cutting boards, and care for them left much to be desired.

Today, every housewife knows that there is nothing better and safer than natural wood, because it is the most convenient to chop and cut products on a wooden surface. The sound of a knife in contact with a tree is not as loud and unpleasant as when using its other species. Plus, the knives are not particularly blunt and care for such boards  today is not difficult - high-quality products can be easily washed even in a dishwasher.

The popularity of Khokhloma boards is explained by the combination of practicality, convenience and high artistic merit of the unique hand-painted. The range of cutting boards with Khokhloma painting is quite large, both individual wall boards and table sets, boards for gutting fish, etc. Everyone can choose such kitchen utensils that will serve as decoration in the kitchen and participate daily in the creative process of cooking.
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