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Egg with representation of face 230*120
Article: 7942
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Egg with representation of face 230*120
Painting: Curls painting "Celebration"
Egg with stand 400*180
Article: 1629
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Egg with stand 400*180
Painting: Red background painting "Flowers"
Icon 210*240 ( Mother of God )
Article: 0802021024065
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Icon 210*240 (St George - Victorious)
Article: 0802021024002
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Icon 210*240 ( St Nicholas)
Article: 0802021024011
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Icon 210*240 ( St Seraphim Sarovsky)
Article: 0802021024009
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Icon 245*335 ( Guardian Angel )
Article: 0804024533549
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Icon 245*335 ( St John the Forerunner )
Article: 0804024533568
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Icon 245*335 ( St Panteleymon)
Article: 0804024533503
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Icon 245*335 ( St Sergei Radonezhsky)
Article: 0804024533527
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Iconography is what the Khokhloma painting technology and technique was built upon.

The icons produced by the company are unique and have no analogues in the world. The so-called egg tempera technique came to Ancient Russia from Byzantium along with Christianity in the late tenth century. The Byzantine art culture became the ancestor of the Ancient Russian national culture and had a significant influence on the development of iconography. Two Byzantine techniques used in producing Khokhloma icons remain fundamental today: the idea of transforming the world with the divine light is reflected in the wood gilding technique, which makes further layers of paint on the icon look imbued with internal glow, and fragments of Byzantine ornaments of icons are used in decorative elements of icon frames, which makes the icon especially festive and solemn.

The Khokhloma icon, despite its originality, is produced in accordance with the general Orthodox church canons. Every detail of the face, every gesture or body position of the saint has a symbolic meaning. The iconographic canon is a special interpretation of the Holy Bible in painting; therefore, there is no place for any unnecessary details in it. But this does not mean that the icon painter is completely deprived of freedom to create. The icon-painting tradition is not a limit, but rather a core, owing to which our icon exists as a work of art.
Most icons created at a workshop of the Khokhloma painting factory are produced using a miniature technique, which means that every element is painted to the finest details. Each icon painter works on an icon from beginning to end. Once the work is completed, its author’s stamp is affixed to the reverse side, and a nominal certificate is issued to the icon.

Works by Semenov’s icon painters have gained wide recognition: they decorate the monasteries of Holy Mount Athos, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, the Old Fair Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Nizhny Novgorod and other churches across Russia. Icon painters paint holy faces not only on icons, but also on Easter eggs, caskets, church utensils. The workshop’s pieces regularly participate in Russian and international exhibitions, where their quality and the fineness of painting are always admired and receive the highest jury points.

At present, the icon-painting workshop produces icons in the following sizes: 210*240mm; 245*335mm; 400*300 mm; 500*400 mm. The assortment of holy faces, lists, and biblical scenes includes more than 50 types. Customised items may include life-size icons, icons of any other sizes, various thematic pieces at the customer’s choice.
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