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Butter boxes

Butter box 85*140
Article: 16010085140
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Butter box 85*140
Painting: Black background painting "Rowanberry"
Butter box 90*120
Article: 16040090120
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Butter box 90*120
Painting: Black background painting "Berries"
Butter box - dishes for holding and serving butter. Many housewives prefer to keep butter in this dish, because: firstly, the butter save its taste and does not absorb foreign smells, secondly, such storage of butter and its supply to the table is more convenient than in packaging and, thirdly, It is much more pleasant to use butter from a beautiful dish. Butter box with khokhloma painting  is an indispensable assistant in the household. The butter box has a lid that save the taste and freshness of the product for a longer time. It is opaque, which is also a plus, since one of the worst enemies of butter is light. Butter box, made by masters of  "Khokhlomskaya rospis", combines utilitarian properties and aesthetic purpose. Table served by products with khokhloma painting will bring festive mood into life, filling the house with sunlight and warmth.
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