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Matryoshka nontraditional 8 pcs
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Matryoshka nontraditional 8 pcs

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Matryoshka nontraditional 8 pcs
Matryoshka nontraditional 8 pcs
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Matryoshka nontraditional 8 pcs. Size of the article is 190*100*100 mm. It is carved by hand from solid wood and made according to traditional technology. The authors use technique of painting "Matryoshka". Production time for the special order is 21-45 days. Matryoshka is an original gift , as well as a unique baby toy, designed to develop fine motor skills of the fingers and logical thought of the child. It bears the character of surprise which is very important for the development of emotionality in children. Also matryoshka can be served as an element of the decor. Packing - branded box.


Length: 100 mm

Width: 100 mm

Height: 190 mm


Solid wood, special clay, natural pigments, special lacquer suitable for contact with food.

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