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Matryoshka traditional 3 pcs
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Matryoshka nontraditional 3 pcs
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Matryoshka with khokhloma painting 3 pcs
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Matryoshka traditional 4 pcs
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Matryoshka nontraditional 4 pcs
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Matryoshka 4 pcs
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Matryoshka traditional 5 pcs
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Matryoshka nontraditional 5 pcs
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A special place at the company is taken by the manufacture of the famous ‘Matryoshka’ doll. This toy is distinguished by its beauty and peculiar colours. The Semenov Matryoshka is one of the unique and most recognisable symbols of Russia.

This souvenir was first carved in the late 19th century. According to historians, the Semenov Matryoshka doll was created based on Fukurumu. In 1922, a local resident, a turnery master Arsenty Fedorovich Mayorov, brought a Sergiev-Posad Matryoshka from the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. He carved it according to the sample and painted the first one himself with aniline dyes over a starch primer. The master’s eldest daughter painted the doll in her own way, ‘dressing’ her in a Russian tunic (sarafan) with bright red flowers on the apron and ‘putting’ a bright hat (kokoshnik) on her head. Thus, the phenomenon of Semenov Matryoshka doll was born.

Matryoshka dolls are hollow inside. Just this fact makes you think about the great skills of craftsmen carving them. Crafting Matryoshka dolls is very difficult: it requires tremendous skills and patience. The factory producing these dolls uses Linden and Birch trees. The Semenov Matryoshka painting takes large bright flowers as a basis. 
The Russian Matryoshka doll is a symbol of motherhood, the dignity of a Russian woman who is a mother. From year to year, our company increases its production output and develops new patterns for Matryoshka painting as well as a new range of products with Semenov painting (piggy banks, rattles, balls, saltshakers, Christmas toys, cases, shtof-bottles). Every year, Matryoshkas are exhibited at Russian and foreign trade fairs — Big Volga, Nevsky Chest, Ladya, Firebird, Ambiente, Toy Fair, Maison and Object, Expo, etc. 

The Matryoshka dolls produced by our masters took top prizes in numerous international and Russian contests and, in fact, have become the ‘face’ of Russia. Our Matryoshka doll met delegations at the Sochi Olympic Games and was the official souvenir of the Kazan Universiade and the FIFA World Cup held in Russia.

Currently, Khokhloma Painting JSC manufactures five types of Matryoshka dolls: traditional dolls (Semenov painting, aniline dyes), unconventional dolls (various colours, gouaches) and dolls with Khokhloma painting (elements of Khokhloma painting, acrylic paints), customised dolls (thematic, tempera paints), dolls with corporate symbols. Each product line provides for a variability of the number of inserted dolls (from 1 to 12), but customised sets can also include up to 25 dolls.

All dolls manufactured by the factory have hygienic certificates of conformity and can be used as an educational toy for children of all ages.
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