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Furniture for children

Chair for child 2 550(300)*300*290
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Chair for child 2 550(300)*300*290
Painting: Black background painting "Berries"
Khokhlomskaya rospis  JSC is the only enterprise in Russia that manufactures children's furniture with painting: tables, chairs of various growth categories, stools, benches and etc. decorated with khokhloma pattern and artistic painting.

Childhood is the time for the brightest colors, in that time  child has favorite colors, the impressions received in childhood form the character for life. Therefore, it is necessary to surround the child with bright, sunny motifs: flowers, grass, birds and berries, funny animals: bears, roosters and butterflies on a bright golden background - create a fabulous atmosphere conducive to children's creativity and the development of a sense of beauty.

Kids begin to actively explore the world, learn to eat independently, and engage in creativity. Children's furniture with a painting is designed for intellectual amusement, it combines beauty, compactness, practicality of use.

Perspective direction is children's furniture from solid wood. The advantages of natural wood furniture are obvious: it is, first of all, the incomparable properties of natural material, as well as the complete absence of various impurities; also wooden furniture is very ergonomic and fills the surrounding space with positive energy.

Children's furniture is certified.
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