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A glass is a type of drinking utensils for strong alcoholic beverages. Forms and models of different glasses indicate their purpose for certain types of alcohol - vodka, liqueurs, sherry, cognac, champagne, cocktails and others. Interesting are the options for the origin of glasses as dishes. For example, there is a version that the word "glass" appeared by borrowing from the German word. In Germany, a miniature glass for strong table wines was called a “rumer”. In translation, this word meant "Roman", namely the Romans and became the first manufacturers of glass ware.

In our time, glasses have undergone many changes, now wood is used to make them. In Khokhloma production only safe paints and varnishes are used, so the dishes have not only a unique aesthetic value, but are also organically used in everyday life. It is no secret to anyone that brandy used from wooden utensils becomes more fragrant. The variant of such utensils is distinctive, like any wooden product created by a real master and decorated with unique author painting. 
The customer can choose the painting options for each product from the catalog.
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