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Previously, glasses were mostly made of clay, and now wood is used. Today, more and more people adhere to a healthy lifestyle and the choice of tableware plays an important role. First, wooden ware can protect you from the effects of adverse environmental factors, because the harmful substances enter the human body with the food. Secondly, wooden tableware is strong enough, which cannot be said about glass and ceramic. Thirdly, wooden tableware is very beautiful. Fourthly, it can be used as a home decor or as a gift for any celebration.

Glasses made at JSC "Khokhlomskaya rospis" meet all these requirements at the same time. They are light, beautiful, durable and keep their temperature for a long time. Such glasses are distinctive, like any wooden product created by a real master. 
The customer can choose the types of painting for the product from the catalog.
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