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Cup 200*105
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Goblet. Size of the article is 200*105*105 mm. Goblet is carved by hand from solid wood and made according to traditional khokhloma gilding technology. The authors use the black background technique of painting. Type of painting - "Flowers". It is possible to use other types of painting, such as curls "Royal", "Celebration", "Lilies of the valley" and etc. Production time for the special order is 21-45 days. The special covering by varnish and high temperature baking makes items safe and ready to use. All materials which are used for the production are natural. Goblet can be used as a souvenir or as an element of decor. The article has author's signature and packs in branded box .


Length: 105 mm

Width: 105 mm

Height: 200 mm


Solid wood, special clay, boiled flax-seed oil varnish, aluminium powder, natural pigments, special lacquer suitable for contact with food.

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