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Khokhloma painting is a symbol not only of the Nizhny Novgorod region, but also of the whole country. The popularity of products with khokhloma paintning is explained by the combination of practicality, ease of use in everyday life with the originality of traditional forms and the unique artist hand painted.

Articles with Khokhloma painting for Russian people are the same as the finest porcelain vase for the Chinese or a vase made from Bohemian glass for the Czechs. History of folk traditions nourish man spiritually, they create a balance of inner world perception, which is impossible when immersed in a foreign culture, no matter how beautiful it is.

Vases are presented in this section: for fruit, jam and etc.
Vase is  tableware, which can be called both kitchen utensils and works of art. It is made from wood and cannot be accidentally broken, thus making it clear how practical it is. Made from selected linden, it is malleable when processed and durable.

Vases are intended for storage of liquid and other food products: honey, jam, fruit, cookies, sweets, etc. Today, vases are a part of house image in which people know what is a stylish decor and interior design.
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