Mission Statement

Precious legacy

‘Khokhloma’ is a bright national phenomenon with no equal anywhere else in the world. The unique identity and technique of the craft owes its origin to the decorative culture of Old Russia. We treasure the precious legacy of our ancestors. For us, this is the past alive in the present.

Unique technology

Khokhloma-making technology has adopted some of its practices from icon painting. This has remained unchanged for almost four centuries bringing the love and harmony it encompasses. Our craftsmen put the warmth of their souls and the skill of their hands into each workpiece.

Great art

Khokhloma painting is one of the most famous arts and crafts of Russia. Folk art researchers emphasize the sacrament and authentic charm of ‘Khokhloma’. In the past and present, and well into the future, such festive views of life and of life-giving nature, enriching our souls, as well as a need for the miraculous and our admiration of beauty are the sources of creativity. Khokhloma art signifies goodness, Russian hospitality, and beauty. It is Khokhloma’s capacity for continuously refreshing itself that is a prerequisite for the persistence of our unique art-form. Our motto is to find something new but in keeping with the old.

Continuity of generations

‘Khokhloma’ is a thread leading us into the depths of history. It is an inexhaustible source of creativity cherishing our historical memory and traditions passed down through the generations. Our goal is to preserve, to multiply, and to pass these skills onto our children and grandchildren.

Variety of products

Today, the diversity of our product range is impressive in its unprecedented extent. We offer souvenir gifts, interior items, promotional merchandise, icons, beautiful nesting dolls, and stylish accessories. All of them are imbued with the Khokhloma magic, with natural beauty, and with the spiritual content of our national culture.