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Golden Khokhloma tourist attractions 


A magnificent atmosphere of creativity is presented by the factory itself. You can see how Khokhloma works are born, step by step, with your own eyes. Observe artists working in real time, sense the smell of wood and paints, experience the magical effects from past generations, inherited by our craftsmen, and be amazed at new contemporary works.

Display of the range of products from JSC Khokhlomskaya Rospis.

The display opened to visitors with the establishment of the creative laboratory at the factory in 1964. It is different from a museum in that it is a part of the operating facility, where samples of products released by the company are collected and safely stored. There you may witness the work of the regular artistic experts’ board meetings, see the works of artists that have participated in craft contests such as the “Craftsman’s Soul” and “Winter Fairytale” held twice a year, and find out about the artistic styles of famous craftsmen.

Golden Khokhloma Museum and Tourism Centre

The Golden Khokhloma Museum and Tourism Centre opened its doors in 2008. Its display rooms introduce visitors to the origins of Khokhloma art and to the largest collection of items in the country, including Khokhloma paintings from the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. The Tsar’s Room will astonish you with the royal range and riches of modern Khokhloma; the extent of the symbols of the Golden Khokhloma International Festival will surprise you too.

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Museum of Ethnography: “House of Semyon the Spoon Maker”

The newest museum, the ‘House of Semyon the Spoon Maker’ was opened during the Tenth Golden Khokhloma International Arts and Crafts Festival in 2013. The complex displays how the craftsmen from the forests of the left bank of the Volga river lived and worked, together with the tools they used for their work. But the highlight of the House of Semyon the Spoon Maker is its interactive activities: entertaining housekeepers will tell you about long forgotten amazing facts, and delight you with local speech songs and legends.

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Exhibition Shop: ‘The Firebird’ 

We have developed the Firebird tour especially for tourists who don’t have time to go out of the city to visit the manufacturing site in Semyonov. In the space of just an hour and a half at our Firebird showroom in Nizhny Novgorod, you can get a feel for the national traditions. This is a unique cultural space where you can become acquainted with the diversity of Russian crafts, take part in master classes held by professional artists, taste a special traditional Russian menu, and buy original works from the best Russian enterprises.

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